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Eric Albright: bass
Bill Germiller: drums & percussion
Craig Glasheen: vocals, guitars
Leighton Wingerd: guitars
Joe Yamiolkowski: keys

The Raleigh, North Carolina-based power-pop outfit rightly dividing formed in late 2000 under the name "Redeemed". Fronted by songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Craig Glasheen and bassist Eric Albright, the first incarnation of the group also featured keyboardist Angela Hall and drummer Jeff Pearce. In early 2001, the quartet recorded a five-song demo with Mike Connell of The Connells providing additional guitar. One of the tracks, "Yield My Life to You," was selected to appear on the Christian Happenings Diamond in the Rough CD Sampler. Angela Hall left the band shortly after and Redeemed carried on as a trio.

Convinced they could improve upon their demo, they retreated into the studio to record their full-length debut CD. Special guests on the recording included Ted Fillhart, Rebecca Garner, and Jordan Liggitt of Nobel Pawn. During the recording, Pearce left the group to pursue recording/engineering for other bands and was replaced by superb drummer, Bill "Bingo" Germiller. The debut CD was released in the U.S. on their own label, Different Place Records, in 2003 and has since made its way into the hands of Twila Paris, Sara Groves, Greg Laurie, and Alistair Begg among others. CCM Magazine’s David McCreary wrote, “I especially enjoyed the guitar and some of the hooks.”

Since the release of the debut CD, Joe "Yah Mo B There" Yamiolkowski on keys, and second guitarist Leighton Wingerd have been added. In addition to giving the band a fuller sound, Leighton and Joe provide the background vocals that were missing from previous incarnations of the band.

In 2005, the band changed their name to rightly dividing. They continue to play around North Carolina, preaching the Gospel, and earnestly contending for the faith. They are currently working on songs for their follow-up CD.